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Macro Pop

Macro Pops are hollow Spheres (often referred as macrospheres or mini spheres) made of thermoset resins reinforced with various fibres such as carbon fibres, glass etc…

They are manufactured in various sizes ranging from 2mm to 300mm in 3 different grades (S, L, UL) and can withstand pressure up to 800 Bar.

Materials and densities can be tailored to obtain the perfect combination between density and strength to meet the design requirements of a specific application.

Being light weight and high strength, Macro Pops offer additional benefits when using voids in materials simply due to the fact that they occupy up to 80-85% of a volume.

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 light weight and high strength

Isotropic Properties

Isotropic Properties

  • hydrostatic pressure strength
  • structural strength
  • durability
  • thermal insulation
  • dielectric control
  • energy dissipation
  • flame resistance
  • vibration absorption
  • blast mitigation
  • exothermic reduction
  • light weighting
  • low density
  • reduced carbon print

 Gain in Part sizes, productivity and Logistic cost




  • buoyancy in subsea
  • blast / impact absorption in ballistic
  • ablative heat shield
  • pipe insulation
  • submarine void filling
  • damage control hull
  • aeronautic composites panels
  • drilling fluid or muds
  • part size reduction
  • propants

 3 series manufactured in various sizes


 used in syntactic foams or honeycombs