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Cera Pop

CERA POPS are seamless hollow spheres made of ceramics. Contrary to the current very costly and time consuming method of assembling two halves spheres, our new technology allows us to manufacture these low densities spheres in mass.

Our CERA POPS can be packed closely to occupy up to 70-75% of a volume. The use of ceramics hollows spheres allows to obtain the highest performances in application such as ultra-deep sea exploration, light weight and thermal insulation in aerospatial or energy absorption in the defence industry.

Materials and densities can be tailored to obtain the perfect combination between density and strength to meet the design requirements of a specific application.

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Isotropic Properties

Isotropic Properties

  • hydrostatic pressure strength
  • structural strength
  • durability
  • thermal insulation
  • dielectric control
  • energy dissipation
  • flame resistance
  • vibration absorption
  • blast mitigation
  • exothermic reduction
  • light weighting
  • low density
  • reduced carbon print

 Seamless ceramic hollow spheres


 Unique process allowing high performances at a competitive price



  • buoyancy in subsea
  • blast / impact absorption in ballistic
  • ablative heat shield
  • pipe insulation
  • submarine void filling
  • damage control hull
  • aeronautic composites panels
  • drilling fluid or muds
  • part size reduction
  • propants