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Bati Pop

BATI POP are low density hollow spheres specially engineered for the building industry. With their various sizes ranging from 2mm to 60mm, they have been designed to obtained the same advantages than polystyrene concrete however with the structural strength.

Our BATI POP products can be tailored for your concrete to obtained an optimised combination between density, compressive strength, thermal insulation and cost.

Our product perfectly replies to the need of being energy efficient and replies to very obliging new regulations. With our products, Thermal insulation being directly insured in the structural parts of concretes, the cost of extra insulating materials and their installation can be reduced or totally removed.

Our BATI POPS are also used for seismic building as they behave as a vibration absorbent which will diffuse the energy inside the brittle concrete during an earthquake.

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Isotropic Properties

Isotropic Properties

  • hydrostatic pressure strength
  • structural strength
  • durability
  • thermal insulation
  • dielectric control
  • energy dissipation
  • flame resistance
  • vibration absorption
  • blast mitigation
  • exothermic reduction
  • Light weighting
  • low density
  • reduced carbon print

 Thermal insulation


 lower concrete density



  • energy absorption
  • structural light weight concrete
  • seismic building
  • sustainable building
  • energy efficiency
  • floating concrete platform


 Vibration absorbent