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Oceans cover more than 70% of Earth’s surface which represents a vast and free source of energy. This almost unlimited energy is present in various form such as wind, waves, fluid flow, salinity gradients and thermal which creates an industrial opportunity towards Climate change.

Social and technical factors is driving the need of capturing this energy further away from the coasts and often at deep sea. For instance, variation of temperatures are more significant from deep to surface water or the most constant windy zones are located in deep water. Light weight and buoyant materials become essential to withdraw this energy but also need to withstand the harsh environmental conditions at sea such as corrosion or hydrostatic pressure.

Please go through our products and contact us to see how our MACRO POPS can help you in the design of your products such as floating turbines or waves and tidal energy generators.


 Capturing this energy at deep sea

 Deep water offshore solutions




  • Macro Pop
  • Cera Pop

  • Applications


    • Buoyancy Stabilized platform
    • OTEC buoy systems
    • Buoyancy-driven machine
    • Buoyant turbine
    • Weather buoys
    • Floating mooring system

     Real solutions for the energies of the future