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The Offshore Oil and gas industry and in particular the subsea market presents some of the toughest challenges in Material Engineering due to its extreme environment such as Corrosion, high temperature variations, high hydrostatic pressure and so on.

Once these conditions have been taken into account as well as the technical design requirements such as buoyancy, thermal insulation or the limited space on ships, on needs to include the necessary drive of cost reduction on raw materials, logistics, such as stocks and transport and operations.

Macro Pop Engineering has developed hollow spheres that can withstand all these conditions. With some of the world largest manufacturing plants, Macro Pop Engineering can reply to the highest volume demands in record time anywhere on the planet.

 Value engineering for cost reduction

 Hollow spheres that can withstand Extreme environments




  • Macro Pop
  • Cera Pop

  • Applications


    • buoyancy element such as ROV/AUV
    • Riser buoyancy Modules
    • Pipeline insulation
    • drilling fluid or mud
    • lightweightning
    • buoys reparation

     Buoyancy, thermal insulation