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Macro Pop Engineering is working closely with the actors of defence industry. Our products perfectly reply to the most demanding sector in terms of performance and quality.

Our knowledge in Material Engineering and our capacity to customize our products allows us to bring the extra performance needed to make the difference.

From the deepest oceans to defence aircrafts, from cryogenics to ultra-high temperature, Macro Pop Engineering products will dramatically reduce weight while offering the advantageous properties of using hollow spheres such as Energy absorption, dielectric control, thermal stability etc…

 providing new performances

 cost effective solution for better performance




  • Macro Pop
  • Cera Pop

  • Applications


    • unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV)
    • submarine void filling
    • damage control hull
    • blast absorption Panel
    • radiation absorbent materials
    • heat shield etc

     From the deepest oceans to defence aircrafts