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The construction industry worldwide is seeing a major evolution with new regulations aiming to produce sustainable buildings and reduce carbon prints.

This need of Energy efficiency is imposing the use of the most advanced but costly materials especially in terms of thermal insulation. Once the cost of installation is added, complying to these very demanding regulation becomes a key issue in the industry in terms of rentability.

When mixed in concrete, Macro Pop Engineering Products, being hollow spheres, are the perfect answer to reply to these regulations. While increasing the thermal and noise insulation of concretes, Macro Pops allows to limit or totally removed other costs linked to the addition of insulating materials.

With their very low densities, Macro Pops also radically lower the density of concretes while still allowing their uses for structural architectures as well as seismic concretes due to their high energy absorption properties.

 air is key to thermal insulation

 Reduce carbon print




  • Macro Pop
  • Bati Pop

  • Applications


    • Structural materials
    • Insulating concrete
    • Insulation panels
    • Flame retardant material
    • Acoustic windows

     reinforced air for lightweight concretes