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To feed our culture of innovation, Macro Pop Engineering recruits the best talents with high sense of creativity. As an equal opportunity employer, we strongly believe that our people’s variety of backgrounds, perspectives and skills is the key to offer the best products and services.

Macro Pop Engineering offers a competitive salary, outstanding benefits and an environment that supports our employees’ development and recognize their achievment. Flexible work arrangements are also an integral part of our business as we value a healthy work and life balance.

 Our people’s variety is the key



Our success as a global leader largely relies on individuals with varied origins and expertise, working together as a team. As such, we are always looking for new talents with ambition to join our team.

Our current career opportunities span a diverse range of disciplines such as:
– Sales and Marketing
– Manufacturing & Engineering
– R&D
– Human Resources
– Purchasing
– Supply Chain

We encourage you to grow your passion, expertise, and experience with Macro Pop Engineering by getting in touch in the contact page.

 Equal opportunity employer